The primary differences between waxing and sugaring are the size of the area treated with one strip, the direction of application. and the composition of the paste.


Sugaring is an all natural product (sugar, water, lemon) that exfoliates the skin while removing the hair. It is applied against the hair direction and removed parallel to the area, with the natural direction of growth - removing the hair by the root.

At The Pampered Peach we prioritize quality over speed, and as such provide intuitive services - applying the sugar in varying section sizes dependent on the part of the body and the comfort of YOU, our client.

Over time, sugaring will lead to a permanent reduction in hair growth so long as other methods are not employed in between treatments.

Shaving is often akin to starting at the beginning, as this only blunts the hair, causing it to appear thicker, and allowing the hair to reach its full strength and potential.


Waxing removes the hair against the natural direction in large sections through a Hot Wax or Hard Wax Method.

Hot wax is kept at a high temperature to keep it soft, and is applied on top of the hair. It is then removed by placing a cotton or paper strip on the area and pulling it off in against the natural direction of growth.

Hard wax is applied warm and soft and removed once it hardens/sets. This is a stripless method the also removes the hair against the natural direction of growth.

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