Cancellation PolicyPlease provide 24 hours notice of any cancellation or reschedule if possible.

This can be done by texting 905-327-0537 or following the confirmation link received 48 hours prior to your booking via email and sms. The number used for appointment reminders is automated and does not receive messages.

We understand that life is unpredictable and factors out of our control often play a part. As such late cancellations are not subject to any fees. We simply HOPE that you respect and love us enough that you will provide as much notice as possible under typical controllable circumstances.

We send out 3 SMS appointment reminders, 48 hours prior, 24 hours prior and 2 hours prior.


At The Pampered Peach it is our goal to ensure that every human feels comfortable and confident regardless of race, creed, identity or sexual orientation. As part of this policy, all forms and documents submitted have a space for you to include your pronouns to ensure we identify you correctly. for example they/them, she/her he/him. Our service menu reflects these policies as best we can by categorizing services for Folx With a Vulva (FWV) and Folx With a Penis (FWP).

When you text or call to book an appointment, you will be asked the following questions:

  • Are you booking services for Folx with a Vulva or Folx with a Penis?
  • Is your hair Fine and Sparse, Coarse and Thick or somewhere in between?
  • When is the last time / How long since you last removed your hair and with which method (waxing, shaving or sugaring?)


Appointments scheduled outside of a Specialists regular working day will be subject to an up charge equal to 50% of the service scheduled. For example, Rachel works 10-7 Tuesday-Friday. Appointments scheduled outside of those hours will have an up charge. If we are rescheduling your appointment due to your specialist suddenly being unavailable, the up charge will not apply.

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